In with the old electronics,

Out with their components rescued.

A sound methodology for minimizing the world’s electronic carbon footprint

The Blutron Way

Blutron physically receives all products into our monitored company owned facilities. Each shipment is assigned its own project number & project manager receiving is handled by our security staff. It is immediately transported into our locked gated holding area, monitored and accessed by management.


Devices get returned in various conditions and can have a wide range of values. We have developed a refined process to manage inbound returns, so devices are correctly and quickly qualified and slotted into the proper processing channel.


Through product disassembly, part reuse and remarketing Blutron extend the lifespan and optimize the value of your assets. We can create secondary market opportunities to reuse/remarket/ resell your recovered products and components, providing a channel for end-to-end repair and resale. We extend the value of products by harvesting and reusing key components from old and defective products. For components in greater demand, or those that offer higher profit margins, we have the capability to re-kit and reconfigure components.We offer many custom services on the full device portfolio, which includes re-kitting and component assembly for the re-deployment of devices.
We offer:
  • Re-kitting – Assemble components and re-deploy devices
  • De-branding- Brand protection through complete destruction, removal of logo, serial numbers, markings
  • Sanitization – Physically cleaning of devices for resale and re-deployment


After inspection and data wiping, used phones are sold worldwide. About 95% are remarketed; the remaining 5% are considered beyond economic repair and recycled responsibly.

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Certificate & Rewards

Blutron is in final steps in achieving ISO 14001:2004/OHSAS 18001:2007/ R2 2013

Refer to our pending letter from Perry Johnson Registrars.

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