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Established Infrastructure – Blutron maintains a global footprint supporting clients on a worldwide basis. We have the capacity and capability to quickly process and report all activity including receipt information, data sanitization verification, and environmental disposition and asset values.
Serialized Tracking – All devices are tracked at a serialized level. Further, we will track all mobile assets by location, cost center, location or department and provide reporting back in both detail and summary.
Guaranteed Data Removal – Blutron uses the latest automated data sanitization tools to ensure the removal of all personal data and all corporate IT policies from each device. You will be provided a detailed report by serial number verifying the successful removal of all data.
Customized Logistics – Blutron will create a customized logistics plan to support your corporate liable mobile devices and individual liable devices. Simplifying logistics, tracking and reporting is at the root of our programs.
Account Management – Blutron is committed to making the buyback process simple and convenient. We will do all the “heavy lifting”. A dedicated Account Manager will manage the process from beginning to end and ensure your ultimate satisfaction.

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We can assist in liquidation of your excess inventory for the greatest possible return on investment. We have close collaboration and developing partnership worldwide that enhance our ability to extend our market reach and processing volume capacity.
Our specialized teams have a proven track record of providing one-stop solutions that safely dispose of surplus, refurbished, and end-of-life assets in a convenient and logistically method. Blutron is a zero landfill salvage recovery solutions provider. With worldwide partnerships, we find innovative and responsible ways to redistribute your products and maximize your recovery value.
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